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Job Interview Tips
Material to Bring to an Interview
As appropriate, you should have the following with you at every interview: CV, Transcript, References, Educational Certificates. Make sure you can leave the copies with the interviewer because they will not have time to read them during the interview. Also bring a notepad and pen.
The Routine of an Interview
Most interviews can be divided into four major sections: the introduction, the employer sell, the candidate sell, and the closing.
During the "introduction" the employer will use the first few minutes of the interview, to create a comfortable, friendly environment so that a meaningful conversation can follow. A mutual topic of discussion such as the weather, sports, or a major news story, etc., will normally be pursued.
The "employer sell" will cover organizational structure, products or services, geographical location(s), specifics on the position under consideration, salary (usually not discussed during an initial interview), benefits, etc.
The "candidate sell" is the time spent answering questions about your goals and qualifications and demonstrating your communication skills.
During the "closing", both parties should indicate their level of interest in the other and understand what the next steps to be taken will be.